The Studio Space

  • Grass Roots Pilates is located in the heart of Santa Barbara and walkable to most places downtown. With an easy to access parking lot and handicap friendly environment, we’ve got you covered.
  • The studio space is full of natural light and complemented with rustic wood ceilings and walls. The space is genuinely beautiful, and designed to be open as well as welcoming.
  • We use Balanced Body equipment and currently have: 6 reformers, 3 Cadillacs, 2 Chairs, 1 Ladder Barrel, 1 Spine Corrector, along with many other props such as Magic Circles, Therabands, Pilates Balls, Suiss Balls, Bands, Weights, Sliders, etc.
  • The 9X9 massage room attached to the studio is calming, secluded, and available for rent. See the Contact Us Tab for more info.
  • The studio space itself is also available for rent by qualified and insured Pilates instructors. Contact the owner, Nicole Comella to schedule a studio rental.

Curriculum and Goals

  • The base of our curriculum is classical, but the instructors have the flexibility to safely incorporate contemporary styles to suit the different needs of each client. Instructors make sure to customize each client’s program based on their personal goals.
  • We offer Privates, Duets, Semi Privates and Group Classes with availability 7 days a week. There are morning, midday, and evening options to help best accommodate your schedule.
  • Specialty Classes offered include: Pre-Natal Pilates for expecting mothers, Dancer Pilates for student, professional or retired dancers, and Mat Class Workshops that focus on injury rehabilitation. We offer workshops led by outside professionals for clients and instructors at least two times per year.
  • Learning the Pilates method can take time, and often patience, depending on each client’s individual learning style, sense of coordination, physical condition, injuries, age, etc. Understanding this helps our clients embrace the journey, and allows our instructors to meet their specific needs as they absorb the work at their own pace. There is always a way to break down the exercises to meet your level, and progress with time.


  • GRP owner, Nicole Comella, was first introduced to Pilates in 1995 by Astrid DeWild. Astrid was one of the first individuals to bring Pilates to Santa Barbara, now almost thirty years ago, and brought rich training and mentorship to Nicole’s career. Nicole is grateful to have become a competent and confident instructor under her instruction.
  • Nicole’s vast array of dance training and education offers a unique addition to her Pilates perspective. This compliments important aspects of the Pilates method such as body alignment, form, breath, balance, coordination and movement quality.
  • All of our instructors are highly qualified, educated, and capable, in addition to coming from unique dancer backgrounds. With a wide variety of Pilates certifications and experience over the years, Grass Roots Pilates values high caliber teachers to help you succeed.


  • Grass Roots Pilates’ takes pride in being a studio that welcomes friendship, family, and relational connection. This is a space that values community, while challenging each client to reach their health and fitness goals through Pilates. We love seeing our clients meet new friends!