Get Rooted Series

A 4-6 week series of Group Classes for beginners or those who would like to review the basic principles of Pilates, get to know the equipment (mainly reformer) and prepare to take Level I/II and then Level II Group Classes or Semi Private Sessions.

 This series is ideal for one who is interested in an affordable way to learn the basics of Pilates outside of Private or Duet sessions.  This series is a good stepping stone toward Semi Private Sessions or Group Classes.  Although individually curated programs are not created during the “Get Rooted”  series, the instructors will teach modifications and variations of exercises to accommodate for minor limitations or injuries.

To sign up for the Get Rooted Series contact the office.. The series will begin when 3 or more are enrolled. There is the option to attend for 4 or 6 weeks as long as 3 or more commit to the series. There are no makeup classes for the series.

Get Rooted Fees


$ Per Class

4 Class Series


$26 per class

6 Class Series


$25 per class